Drive Through Egypt. Cairo, Alexandria, Minia, Abydos Dendara, Luxor & Aswan.

14 Day - 13 Nights
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Unique Adventure Tour, Egypt.

Unique Private tour  Egypt. Drive from Cairo to Abu Simbel to visit not only the great pyramids of Giza but all other essential pyramids, Saqqara, Medium, Hawara, el Lahun. To be driving from Cairo to Minia and there stops by each of these iconic Pyramids.

Unique Private tour Egypt and drive to Alexandria from Cairo to explore the Greek-Roman monuments from the time of Alexander the Great and Queen Cleopatra.

Minia is a city located 240 Km. South of Cairo, and it is very rare for agents to offer it to travelers, but here we have decide to include it in this package, as you have historical unique sites, they are essential but 99 % of visitor do not get the chance to visit and cover all of these sites, the capital of ancient Egypt during the reign of Akhenaton, where he lived with his beautiful queen Nefertiti, you will see the nobles tombs, with the unique style of art that exists only during the reign of Akhenaton, while there enjoy the boundary steal, also we have Beni Hassan tombs, with the their bright colors since 2050 B.C. enjoy the oldest depiction for the Olympic games, drive through the villages and enjoy the locals life, herds men in your way herding their sheep, or a farmer and a family working in the farm, folks on coffee shops, others buying fruits, vegetable and meat from the butcher in the street, unique sites such as the tomb of Petosiris the high priest of god Thoth, the catacomb of the Ibis bird that extend for many kmts.

Drive from Minia to Luxor through Abydos and Dendara while in Luxor, where you will explore Karnak and Luxor temples. Cross the river Nile to discover the tombs of the kings, and the Village of the artisans plus the temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

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