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Explore Egypt Private Tour.

Explore the ancient treasures of Egypt from the Great Pyramids to the many colourful temples of Luxor. Relax along the shores of the Mediterranean and enjoy a full-day tour in Alexandria. Seize the opportunity to step out of the modern world and rediscover the ancient Egyptian civilization. Step in the foot of Pharaonic royals and relive their lives while enjoying the comforts of the 21st century.

Amazing Global Travel blends the rich culture of Egypt with 21st- century comforts to offer you a luxurious trip to the heart and soul of the country, and provide the finest local guides to unlock the mysteries of both modern and ancient Egypt. Join us now on this luxurious adventure including site seeing, a private Nile cruise, a full-day tour in Alexandria; as well as the chance to immerse yourself in Egypt’s thriving historical scene.

Luxury travel Egypt, stay at Four Seasons, Nile view room, fly to Luxor and stay at Sonesta Saint George Royal Club room, Luxury Cruise the Nile on board Sonesta Saint George Luxury Cruise, fly back to Cairo & stay at Ritz Carlton Nile City, enjoy a private Egyptologist tour guide while on the cruise, Abu Simble, Alexandria & Cairo. Luxury travel in style.



Day1:  Welcome to the land of Pharaohs

Your journey starts today! Arrive at Cairo Airport where you will be met and assisted through the whole process by our Representative. Drive privately to your hotel. Four Seasons Nile Plaza, Nile View room.

Day2: Giza: The Great Pyramids and the Giza Plateau.

After breakfast, you will start your journey by visiting The Great Pyramids where you can learn all about this mystical architecture. Take a camel ride and enjoy the sunsetting its rays on the golden desert with the Pyramids in the background. Now is the perfect time for a memorable photo session featuring the pharaonic royal atmosphere.  Accompanied by your private guides, you will discover the story behind the magical Pyramids, and the ancient capital of Egypt: Memphis.
Visit the pyramid of Unas where lays the oldest copy of The book of death and discover the ancient funerary rituals. Finally, mastaba of one of the noblemen. Return to your hotel. Four Seasons Nile Plaza, Nile View room. Meals, B & D.

Day3: Cairo: The Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo.

This morning, join our guides for a private tour to the Egyptian Museum home to a vast trove of artefacts of all ages. Some of them include the majestic golden mask of the boy King Tut Ankh Amun.
Drive to Old Cairo for an exotic experience in the local streets. Experience some of the famous local dishes of Egyptian cuisine. Then explore the City’s oldest temples, synagogues, and mosques. Four Seasons Nile Plaza, Nile View room. Meals, B & D.


Day4: Luxor: Luxor Museum and local market.

Following breakfast, catch your one-hour flight to Luxor. Luxor rises above all of Egypt’s cities with its abundance of treasures. First, enjoy your private tour of the Luxor museum. The museum is relatively smaller than the Egyptian museum but it takes pride in displaying only the finest pieces of artefacts. Enjoy a meal in a local restaurant then back to your hotel Hilton Luxor deluxe Nile view room room. Meals, B & D.

Day5:   Luxor: Valley of queens & tombs of the nobles.

Tour the Valley of the queens where Ancient Egyptian queens and their sons were buried. Enjoy the vibrant, almost-like newly painted colors. Heading for some local restaurant for lunch; then moving to the Valley of Nobles. There you’ll learn about the everyday life of ancient Egyptian away from royal life. Because not all tombs there are discovered, you might come across one or two of the Archaeological excavations. Returning to the room at Hilton Luxor Delux Nile view room. Meals, B & D.

Day6: Luxor: Karnak & Luxor temples.

Following breakfast, catch your one-hour flight to Luxor. Luxor rises above all of Egypt’s cities with its abundance of treasures. On the east bank, you will visit the largest temple in Egypt covering almost 60 acres. Karnak temple is the most astonishing and beautiful feat out of all Luxor’s many monuments. It contains the Great Temple of Amun, the Temple of Khons, and the Festival Temple of Tuthmosis III, as well as many other buildings.
Follow to the Luxor temple which was built for the worship of Amun (God of sun and air). The beautiful complex holds parts of Pharaonic, Coptic, and Islamic periods all in one. Overnight Ms Sonesta Saint George. Meals, B & D.

Day7: Luxor: West bank.

Today the highlight of the tour is the astonishing Valley of Kings. The final resting place for many kings of the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties. The valley was concealed among rocky cliffs for a large period of time. The valley contains 63 tombs of vibrant colours as if it was drawn yesterday. Our guides will decode the written scripts on the walls which gives instructions for the kings to follow in their journey to the afterlife. This includes a private tour to the well-preserved tomb in the valley, the tomb of King Tut Ankh Amun.
Next to the tomb of one of the world’s first leading lady pioneers Queen Hatshepsut.  Deir Al-Bahri or Temple of queen Hatshepsut is composed of almost white sandstones and surrounded by golden sands in beautiful contrast. The temple survived through time and destruction done by King Thutmose lll. 
Moving to the Village of the workers, which describes the life of the ancient Egyptian middle-class life, and how their graves were completely different from the royal class’s graves, small and humble yet honorable, sacred and radiant with colours. Back to our Nile cruise, Ms Sonesta Saint George. Meals, B, L & D.
Day8: Luxor: Edfu, Kom Ombo & Sailing.
Enjoy horse-riding and carriage rides to the Temple of Edfu or the Temple of Horus (God of kinship and power), the most well-preserved ancient monuments of Egypt. At lunchtime, we’ll return to the cruise ship and enjoy the afternoon sliding up the river on your way to Kom Ombo, which rises above the Nile’s bank. The Temple of the gods: Sobek and Horus are represented in the forms of crocodile and falcon respectively. Feel the atmosphere of this glorious history by strolling along the temple’s colonnades and simply gazing up at scenes of pharaonic ambience. Continue sailing To Aswan thought the evening. Stay at Ms Sonesta Saint George. Meals, B, L & D.

Day 9: Aswan: Philae temple & Aswan High Dam.

Away from the ancient world, we will visit one of Egypt’s modern sites: Aswan High Dam. Back to our ancient discoveries, this time to the Philae Temple complex. In 1960, UNESCO constructed a rescue project to save the temple from being buried by a watery grave from the time of building Aswan High Dam. Following the temple, we will tour the granite quarry to see a giant obelisk that was quarried in one solid piece. Back to the cruise ship for lunch. There is no better way to enjoy the Nile than the well-known “felucca” trip, then again to our Luxury Nile Cruise, Ms Sonesta Saint George. Meals, B, L & D.

Day 10:  Abu Simbel, Back to Cairo.

The great temple of Abu Simble was built by the powerful king Ramses ll. The temple was relocated from its original site by UNESCO to protect it from the rising waters of the Nile. On entering the Temple of Abu Simbel, you’ll find two seated figures of Ramses ll guarding the entrance. Carved around their feet are small figures of Ramses’ family, his children, his wife Nefertiti, and his mother Queen Ti. Later on, we’ll catch our flight to Cairo; upon arrival, you’ll be met and assisted by our representative and you’ll be checked in your five stars hotel, St Regis Astor Nile view room. Meals, B & L.

Day 11: The bride of the Mediterranean

Take our private bus for a two-hour drive to Alexandria. The tour includes The Modern Library of Alexandria, also known as Bibliotheca Alexandria, founded during the region of Ptolemy 1, and nearly destroyed by Julius Caesar. Nest, Catacombs of Rome which is an underground burial used for centuries by Christians and jews. Pompey’s pillars are loomed over by a massive 30m column. Amphitheatre, an oval-shaped building with an arena situated in the middle, is mainly an ancient Rome version of theatre. Ending the day with the most delicious seafood you’ll ever taste whilst enjoying the view of the Mediterranean. Drive back to St Regis Astor Nile view room. Meals, B & L.

Day 12: Saying good bay to Cairo.

You will be escorted to the airport today to board your departure flight after enjoying your last breakfast in Egypt.


Price includes

3 Nights Four Seasons Nile Plaza Nile view room.

2 Nights St Regis Astor Nile view room.

2 Nights Hilton Luxor Nile view.

4 Nights Sonesta St George Luxury Nile cruise.

Private Tours with Private Tour Guide.

Modern A / C Van.

Entry visa

Entrance fees for all listed sites.

2 mineral water daily for each traveler.

Domestic flights.


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