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Egypt safari tours

First of all, Leave behind traditional touristic sights. You will head out into the vast Sahara for an adventure unlike any other To discover Egypt & Dubai Safari Tours.

ِAlso, Discover the stunning silence of the desert and awe-inspiring landscapes in the Great Sand Sea and the White Desert.

And, Explore the mysteries of Siwa private tour and the other desert Oases.

Too, you can combine your Egypt safari tours and desert safari with a visit to Cairo or a cruise down the Nile.

Dubai Safari tours :

Discover the pristine eco-system of the Dubai Desert Conservation. Reserve on an early morning 5-hour desert safari.

Your professional guide will skilfully  Leadership a classic Land Rover over the pristine dunes and forests.

No other vehicle offers a more traditional desert experience, or better opportunities to spot exotic wildlife.

And Too, Search for Arabian oryx, a true modern-day conservation success story.

Look out for gazelles, desert monitors, and abundant birdlife through onboard high-quality binoculars.

You might even see a rare Gordon’s wildcat.

About the reserve:

The reserve is the UAE’s first National Park dedicated to preserving the desert habitat.

That’s where hundreds of fascinating flora and fauna species await your discovery.

Grab this opportunity to experience the carefully preserved wildlife area in an enchanting vehicle.

For more than 6 decades play The wildlife Part of the heritage of the desert.

On return to the camp, you will enjoy a freshly cooked local snack and have the chance to ride the ship of the desert, the camel.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION  Cairo International Airport.
DEPARTURE TIME  Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
 Accommodation on twin share in base category rooms at the hotels mentioned in the itinerary. All transfers, sightseeing, and excursions as per the itinerary in exclusive chauffeur driven air-conditioned vehicle
(Large Coach for groups and Standard Sedan car for 02 persons).
Services of a qualified English-speaking local guide for sightseeing in case of 2 persons traveling together. And a full time accompanying guide in case of a group (minimum 20 persons).  Entrances fees at the monuments.
 Any International airfare to/from India including International airport tax.  Meals not specified.
 Tipping or Gratuities.  Camera fee wherever levied.
Any expenses of personal nature such as hard, soft drinks, laundry, phone, fax calls, etc.



Siwa Oasis Tour


Day 1

After meeting in Egypt’s capital, we head towards Marsa Matrouh on Egypt’s Mediterranean shore. With sandy white beaches and crystal clear waters, many believe that Cleopatra herself bathed in the tranquil waters of Marsa Matrouh. We, too, are going for a bath in the Mediterranean Sea and stay for the night in a hotel.


Day 2

After breakfast, we continue our journey towards Siwa Oasis. Once arrived at the oasis, we visit the Mountain of the Dead (Gebel al-Mawta), which features a large number of tombs carved into the mountain that are dating back to the the 26th Dynasty (664 BC–525 BC) and the Ptolemaic era (305 BC–30 BC), Cleopatra’s Pool, a swimming pool fed by a natural hot spring, the Temple of the Oracle. The last sight of this day is Bir Wahed, a sulfurous spring outside Siwa. For the night we camp out in the desert on the shores of the Great Sand Sea.


Day 3

For the third day we return back to Siwa Oasis to visit the ruins of the historic Shali fortress—a Lonely Planet Top Choice with raving reviews on TripAdvisor—and other must-sees. In the afternoon we hit the Darb Siwa, the road that stretches 420 kilometers (260 miles) to connect the oases of Siwa and Bahariya. We camp en route


Day 4

On our fourth day we continue our journey on the Darb Siwa and arrive in Bahariya in the afternoon

Valley of the Whales Tour


Day 1

After meeting in Cairo, we will be leaving Egypt’s capital heading south towards Faiyum Oasis. We first visit the Lake Qarun Protected Area and the waterfalls of Wadi al-Rayan Protected Area. In the evening we head out to the dunes where we spend the night under the stars


Day 2

On our second day, we visit the Wadi al-Hitan (Valley of the Whales) UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 for its hundreds of fossils of the earliest—and now extinct—suborder of whales, the archaeoceti. No other place in the world yields the number, concentration, and quality of such fossils.



The highlights of the third day are the famous hot and cold springs of Bahariya Oasis, the Black Desert, and the sparkling Crystal Mountain. In the evening, we head to the beautiful Agabat Valley where we camp for the night (you might want to check out the raving reviews on TripAdvisor).


Day 4

After a night under the open sky, breakfast will be ready at about 8:00 am and the early birds will enjoy the sunrise in this spectacular place. We leave the Agabat Valley and head to the even more spectacular White Desert National Park. Not without good reason the White Desert National Park is honored as a “Lonely Planet Top Choice” with raving reviews on TripAdvisor: This spectacular place with its blindingly white sculptures nature has been shaping for hundreds and thousands of years looks like it is on another planet. Later that day, we pass great sand dunes where you might want to try sandboarding before returning to Bahariya Oasis. We arrive in Bahariya Oasis at around 1:00 pm just in time for our last lunch à l’égyptienne before you take your drop-off taxi or the public bus to get to Cairo where you are going to arrive at about 6:00 pm.

1 Day safari Tour 

Itinerary :
• temple of Hibis – See The Temple of Amen –Re . the best preserved temple in the western desert ( 525 B C )
• Qasr of Kharga Oasis, 86 meters above sea level.
• Christian Cemetery of Bagawat- One of the earliest and best preserved Christian cemeteries in the world. Built of clay between 2nd-7th century, con- tains 263 chapels.
• Hot Springs- After a long day relax or swim in the soothing springs.
• Sand Dunes- Enjoy the many naturally formed sand dunes of the desert .

2 DAYS (One Night) safari TOUR

Itinerary :
• (Same as #1 plus)
o Overnight Camping in Sand Dunes- Have dinner, watch shooting stars and sleep yunder the night time sky or spend the evening in a local hotel if you desire.
o Temple of Qasr El Gnwita- Originally but as a Temple of Amen, Mut and Khunsu during the Ptolemaic era and later converted into a fortress during the Ottoman Empire.
o New Baris (Hassan Fathy Village)- Visit the modern city designed by Hassan Fathy, renowned Egyptian architect, which was abandoned during the Six day War in 1967.
o Temple of Isis in Dush- The Temple built by Domitation between 81 and 96 is located next to an older fortress built during the Ptolemaic era. This area is surrounded by ancient cemeteries and artifacts.

3 DAYS (2 Nights) safari TOUR

Itinerary :
• Dakhla- Ancient oasis locatedbetween Kharga and Farafrawhere you will see an impressive Roman temple.
• Balat- Ancient Old Kingdom necropolis of regional governors.
• The Old City of Mut- The capital of Dakhia.
• El Kasr- Awell preserved famous Islamic village.
• Tomb of Muzawwaqa- Built during the Roman era containing over 300 tombs.
• Overnight Camping in Sand Dunes- Have dinner, watch shooting stars and sleep under the night time sky or spend the evening in a local .

4 DAYS (3 Nights) Safari TOUR

Itinerary :
• Farafra (The Land of Cow)
• Overnight Camping in the White
Desert- An isolated 25 million year old wonderland full of natural rock formations.
Optional return to Luxor or Cairo

5 DAY (4 Nights) safari tour
Itinerary :
• Crystal Mountain- Small mountain filled with millions of quartz crystal formations.
• Black Desert- See pyramid shaped mountains and many geometrically formed iron pyrites.
• Golden Valley Mummies and Museum- Ancient Egyptian-Roman cemetery with numerous tombs accidentally discovered by a donkey in the early 19th century. Tombs are closed but various mummies are displayed in museum.
• English Mountain- Highest elevation in region used by English troops as an observation post during WWI. It offers amazing views of the area.
• Overnight Camping or Hotel

7 Day ( 6 Nights ) Safari Tour

Itinerary :
• Siwa via the Great sand sea Drive to Siwa along the ancient caravan route and enjoy wonderful views of the Great sand sea
• Oracle Temple of Alexander the Great – visit Wait the ancient temple where Alexander the Great consulted the famous Oracle of Amen.
• Deed Mountain- This conical mountain contains numerous tombs from the 26th Dynasty, Ptolemalc and Roman periods.
• Cleopatra’s Bath- The famous springs of Siwa surrounded by palm tree and said to have been visited by Cleopatra and Alexander the Great.
• The Ancient City of Shali- 850 year-old city famous for its fortress clay brick houses.
• The Salt Lake- A lake in the Weetem Desert famed for its many caves and surrounding hillside
• Optional return to Cairo or Alexandria

15 Day (14 Nights) Tour

Itinerary :
• Bahariya
• Black and White Desert
• Dakhla
• Abu Ballas
• Eight Bells
• Prince Kamal El Din Monument
• Wadi Suria (Valley of Pictures) and the
• Voggine Cave
• Wadi Hamra
• Silica Glass
• Great Sand Sea
• Siwa
• Return to Cairo via Siwa El Allamin or Siwa / Bahariya / Cairo
We also specialize in Deep Desert Tours to:
• Ain Umm Dabadib (Khagra Oasis) I Jara Cave / Bahariya Oasis
• Siwa I El Gara Oasis in the Qattara
• Rayyan and Whales Valley (in Fayum)

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