5 Key Reasons People Travel to Egypt

October 15, 2019

5 Key Reasons People Travel to Egypt

5 Key Reasons People Travel to Egypt
The country Egypt has so many monuments and historical attractions like pyramids, temples, and tombs. It’s no wonder Egypt received thousands of tourists and visitors all year round.


Experience the Rich History

Egypt has a rich history spanning 1000s of years. People who visit want to see and experience this history for themselves. You can read all these in history books or watch them in films but seeing and walking through and around them is special. The histories of the Pharaohs, Queen of Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, King of Tutankhamun are some of many, people visit Egypt to experience.


Get a Nile Cruise

This is another important reason tourists and other people choose Egypt for their vacationing yearly. Cruising on the Nile is one of a kind experience that visitors don’t like to miss.

The Nile cruise includes all you need for the best experience like meals, drinks and tour guides. You could decide to join a group tour or a private tour. Most visitors opt for a private tour because it’s relatively cheap and convenient.

Those who want to explore Luxor, Aswan and the Temples between them, opt for a Nile Cruise, it adds a special taste and feels to the whole vacation.

The Food

Of course, they don’t visit Egypt just to come and eat food but part of the perks of the Egyptian vacation is good, cheap, plentiful and delicious Egyptian meals.


The vegetable is a major part of Egyptian meals. What they commonly have for meat is duck, chicken, pigeons, and rabbits. You also have beef and lamb also but not so common. They have plenty of fresh fish and seafood in the coastal areas.


Most of these Egyptian foods have been around for decades and centuries but in modernized forms. Some foods they have are Om Ali, Kebabs and Kofta, and Kushari.


The Iconic Museums

One of the best among the many iconic museums in Egypt is the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. It is housed in a building dating back in 1901, home to 120,000 artifacts. Some of which are papyrus, masks, statues, jewelry, etc. Some major highlights are the 11 kilograms gold mask of Tutankhamun, royal Mummies Hall.



It’s affordable to visit Egypt, that one of the reasons many people visit Egypt for tourism or vacation. Your vacation can be affordable whether you want it on a budget or a luxury Egypt tour. There are accommodations that fit all levels of budget.


Transportation, meals and tour guides are affordable notwithstanding your budget. This is why people of all economic classes conveniently come to Egypt for vacation and tourism. You may want to join them on your next vacation trip.


If you’re planning a vacation or a tour then you can consider visiting Egypt for a lifetime experience. You and your family or friends may want to join the many other vacationists and tourists who troop to Egypt yearly to have a first-hand experience of what the books and movies tell us about Egypt.

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